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Trevor Green

Web Solutions Developer


As a consultant I focus on active problem solving. Working in partnership with a diverse group of consultants to fill in technical gaps and implement solutions. Often my role has been to join projects in progress and apply the pressure needed to close gaps in expertise, and bring work to completion. These projects have often required that I communicate with teams regarding technical requirements and learn new technology. It is always an exciting process to push into new areas to find solutions.

Bridging the gap between design and implementation is my favorite role. Bringing to life design concepts and turning the key on live solutions. While I’m not an original art designer, I have an eye for quality, usable design, typography, UI, and UX. While respecting both a designer’s and client’s vision, I enjoy refining and enhancing the fit and finish of assets as they are translated into completed, modular HTML/CSS/Javascript and backend code that can be integration into a project.

I have experience in a diverse set of technologies from PHP, Node.js, .NET, and Javascript to VB, C#, and Objective C, I have been able to successfully adapt and participate in a variety of projects regardless of the platform or technology in use. I also maintain an active interest in, and do work for clients as a webmaster, providing SEO, SEM, and Maintenance Agreements. Always attempting to provide a full service approach that meets a client’s and/or partner’s needs and budget.

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